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Salvation Through Imagination
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All of a sudden. PANG! Matty jumped, startled from the sound. Just as Tali finished applying the soothing salve, a loud thud suddenly reverberated throughout the room, as an air conditioning grate from the ceiling unexpectedly flew off, to the floor in front of them, as if it had been kicked out of place.

John jumped to his feet, instinctively placing himself between Tali and Matty as he aimed his two-round weapon up at the now gaping, shadowy hole.

“What was that?!” Matty cried out, as he hid behind Tali with his head tucked between his shoulders, dreading whatever was going to come next.

Suddenly, a pair of legs donned in dirty, tattered, black tuxedo pants became visible, as they egressed from the hole. All at once, the legs became the full figure of a man, as he swung himself out. He dropped down from the opening, and his scuffed up pair of black dress shoes slammed down on the hard, med-bay floor with a heavy thump.

“Well…” The battered and bruised figure before them cordially began, as he stood up straight, and steadied himself. “Hello…!”

“Gordon!” Shepard exclaimed, nearly shouting, as he lowered his weapon, with a mixture of relief and jubilation on his face. “Damn, am I glad to see you!”

Before the repartee could proceed any further, a second figure suddenly swung out of the grate, and dropped into view, besides Gordon. This figure’s once shimmering, silken, ruby colored dress was now in tatters - riddled with holes and tears, and stained with soot, dust, and blood. Its condition was fairly akin to that of Gordon’s own evening wear. His shirt and pants were ripped in several places. His midnight black dress pants, and his once pristine white dress shirt were now mottled with several gray blotches, and his entire rolled up, left sleeve, was permeated with the prevalent cerise stain of his blood. Both their faces and bodies were scratched and bruised up, matching that of the wounded Shepard’s. But there was no give in either of their faces…

“Miranda!” John jubilantly blurted out, again. “We’ve been looking f--”

“Shepard!” The battered operative quickly retorted with a bit of an angry sneer, as she stepped forward, past a dumbstruck Gordon. “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” She asserted indignantly, as she waved a rigid finger in Shepard’s face. “How dare you book us on this cruise liner from hell! Is this supposed to be your idea of a relaxing vacation?!”

“Miranda, stop!” Tali barked, with authority before John even had a chance to answer. “You’re scaring Matty!”

“Who…?” Miranda queried. She and Gordon both looked over to her. Off hand, they couldn’t see who or what she was talking about. But upon closer inspection, they could almost make out the small silhouette of something stirring behind her.

“It’s alright, kresha. Don’t be afraid…” Tali delicately assured, as she reached around behind her back, lightly coaxing him out from behind her with a gentle tap. “These are friends of ours. They’re not gonna hurt you...”

Trusting her word with all the faith in the world, young Matthew’s head slowly peeked out from around Tali’s hip, before slowly stepping out completely.

“Oh…” Miranda replied, with a much more docile, tranquil tone. “Who’s the boy…?”

“This is Matthew.” John began to explain, as he stepped over to them. “He got left behind when they took the ship.” He elaborated, as he patted Matty on the back, and rubbed his shoulders. “We’re trying to put a stop to this and get him back to his parents…”

“I see…” Miranda acknowledged.

“Hey little guy…” Gordon amicably greeted, as he the boy a small, friendly wave.

“H-hello…” Matty bashfully reciprocated, with his head still tentatively tucked between his shoulders.

Upon seeing the frightened look in those little eyes, any ire or anger in Miranda simply melted away. She sighed. “I’m sorry, Shepard.” She bestowed, as she turned to him. “It’s just... You have NO IDEA what we’ve been through tonight.”

“Heh…” John chuckled, as waved a palm-up hand up and down, over his own body, drawing attention to his own injuries. “Couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve been through…”

“Uhm… Excuse me…!” An unfamiliar woman’s voice suddenly called out from the hole in the ceiling. “But, can someone please get me down from here…!”

“Hmph…” Miranda scoffed, under her breath, as she raised an eyebrow, and gave Shepard a cocksure grin. “Wanna bet?”
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Jesse De La Rosa
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My name is Jesse De La Rosa and I don't know if I consider myself an artist or not, but I know that I do enjoy making creations in photoshop. Most of what I do is logos, websites, wallpapers, and general graphic touching up. I'm always looking to expand my graphic knowledge and I try to learn something new everyday.

I also don't know if I'd consider myself a writer or not, but I am the author of SALVATION: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction which intertwines the paths of two legendary heroes of gaming; Dr. Gordon Freeman and Commander John Shepard, as they attempt to stand against an enemy bent on annihilating all life in the known galaxy.

Salvation Table of Contents: [Link]
Episode I Table of Contents: [Link]

Current Residence: San Antonio, TX
Favourite genre of music: Varies
Operating System: None of your business
Shell of choice: shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Mostly made by me
Skin of choice: my own is fine.
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime baby
Personal Quote: Challenge the Invincible, Change the Inevitable

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