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7 Years of Salvation by EspionageDB7

Ladies and Gentlemen, 7 years ago today, I sat down on my computer and uploaded this to Deviantart:  Salvation: Chapter 1 - Vengeful Lament - the first chapter, of the first installment, of the first phase of Salvation. (and I say phase because believe it or not I've already got a few ideas rattling around in this rusty ol' head of mine for stories past Salvation II lol) 

Seven years later and here I am, 2 installments and one short completed. Now I know there are people out there, artists, writers, youtubers, and the like, that manage to garner millions upon millions of views and amass a huge following. That hasn't been the case with me. Quite frankly I've only got a handful of people who follow my work faithfully. As my good friend malovence calls them my E.L.F.s (or Extremely Loyal Fans lol). But however great or small my following may be I'm happy to have you. All of you. Truth the origins of Salvation can be traced back to a conversation I had with a friend over steam as to "how cool it would be if Gordon Freeman ever teamed up with Commander Shepard". And now, over the years I've combined and built upon two existing video game universes to quite frankly create an ever expanding universe of my own. It's only getting bigger and I have no intentions to stop now. 

I'd like to take a moment if I may to give a shout out, and bestow some special recognition to a few of my "E.L.F.s". You guys have been instrumental in the continuation of Salvation - The Series. Be it for your support, your feedback, your suggestions, reviews, and criticisms, your proof and beta-reading, contribution and collaboration of ideas, lending your voice to my work, your promotion of my work, any combination of these or all of the above! You guys are the heart and soul of my fanbase (if you can call it that lol) And I want to thank you. I've said this to you guys in the past, but this stands firm. If any of you ever need any sort of logo or graphic work, you know you got it from me, free of charge. It's the least I can do to say Thank you. And these people are as follows: 

Michael Coffey - My long time friend and big brother from another mother. My true-life compatriot who is probably the very first follower I ever garnered, even before Salvation was live here on DA. He's the one that supported me writing from the start. He motivated me to do so, and I'm so glad he talked me into :D Thanks Mike, I appreciate it big bro. 
:iconlethe-gray:lethe-gray - One of my earliest followers. Never stopped supporting me in my work, and one of the sweetest people I know :) Thank you Lethe - I hope you'll continue to stick around :D wouldn't be the same without you :meow: 
:iconbbb35:bbb35 - Someone who is never too far away to give me a compliment on even my most meager works. He's been a tremendous support and he's also the creator of the OC Vanessa Masters, a character who he has been gracious enough to allow me to use, and will become an integral part of my series. 
:iconvadrigos:Vadrigos - Again, one of my earlier followers. He's been following me pretty much since the beginning. Has offered me some epic dialogue lines and will actually be co-authoring Episode III: Voices of a Distant Star which is still to come. We've spent many a late night chatting away ideas and possibilities for the future installments and I can't wait to really dig into Episode III - It's gonna be a great one :D
:iconmalovence:malovence - My #1 E.L.F. ;p DB7's little helper lol. Malovence is another who has shown me and my work unbridled, unparalleled support. A great friend, and a long time support. He was also the creator of one of the 2 main antagonists of Episode I - Commander Andrew Kim - He helped me forge his look, speech patterns, and personality. And personally, I think it's probably one of the better villains I've written :)
:iconeudaimonium:Eudaimonium - This guy right here... Honestly this has gotta be my best online friend. He's been helping proofread my work for god knows how long. (seven years sounds about right lol) - He's also helped keep my logic in check. I'm all about suspended disbelief but there have been a few times my imagination gets away from me, and he helps me get back down to earth (or back down to the Citadel whatever the case may be.)
:iconunity9forall:Unity9ForAll - I owe a lot to this gentleman right here. Had it not been for him and his incredibly generous contribution, I probably would've have given up on Salvation a long time ago. There was a period, well over a year in length, that I didn't have internet, didn't have a computer, and honestly didn't have a leg to stand on. One of my watchers once called it "the dark times" and they were. He kept me writing. And for that I thank you. 
:iconwillietg:willietg - Okay, whoever here has not already check out the epic Address to the Planet from Salvation 1 and Hackett's Eulogy from the first Short need to go check those out right now! Go on! We'll wait... Check 'em out yet? Okay good. Moving on... Truth be told he's actually done 1 more amazing reading for me that I need to get posted on here. Hopefully by this weekend. But honestly, his amazing readings are only a small part of the reason he's endeared himself to me and to my fandom. He has been indispensable, offering me help, support, and critiques and I am very very grateful. 
:icontheblacknova:TheBlackNova - I'd say this guy right here is the newest member to my "clique" but I thank him just the same. He's done some awesome fan art for me. And honestly one of the first to ever be gracious enough to MAKE fan art for me, such as: [Link], [Link], and [Link]. (I wanna squeal a bit every time I say someone did fan art based on my work lol) But yeah - check out his gallery! 

And now at this time... I'd like to take a really quick moment to thank every single one of my watchers specifically by name(or, err... By icon)!

I appreciate your support and I welcome any and all critiques or reviews, be they praising or damning. Thank you guys. I never expected to get any sort of following, let alone 150+ followers and over 75,000 views. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not a lot, but I appreciate it all the same. 

Alright now... I'm sure you guys are onto me. Yes, I genuinely wanted to thank each and every one of you by name. As a matter of fact I've done it before! Twice! Salvation 1 End Credits: [Link] and Episode I End Credits: [Link]. But I do have something of a hidden agenda... Or, a transparent agenda since I'm about to tell you guys about why I just did what I did, bah! Anyway... I listed each and every one of my watchers by name because thanks to DA's nifty new little feature, it should've alerted each one of you of this post. During some of my absences I realize that I've lost some traffic, and many of my watchers' intrests have waned. Well I wanted to make you guys were up-to-date on what's been going on! 

Salvation: The Series is In Progress.
Salvation: The SeriesLadies and Gentlemen, allow me to officially introduce you to Salvation: The Series. This is a proposed set of episodic short stories ultimately leading up to the sequel and final installment Salvation II: Project Prometheus. Most of these undertakings will be a collaborative effort between myself, Vadrigos and malovence. Two stellar writers in their own right who have graciously stepped forward to lend me their help, creativity, and expertise.

Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction - Of course many of you here are familiar with Salvation. My own variant to Half-Life 3 and Mass Effect 3. Following the events of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Mass Effect 2, this gripping tale sees the two greatest legendary heroes of all time joining forces in order to stop the most relentless enemy the galaxy has ever known... The story that starts it all....
Salvation The Series Teaser Poster Wallpaper by EspionageDB7

Two full-length installments have already been knocked out.

Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction: 
Salvation Cover Page Final by EspionageDB7


Salvation: Episode I - The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria
Taking of the Carmenta Illustria Movie Poster v2 by EspionageDB7

I've also already knocked out the first Salvation Short
Salvation Shorts - An Interview with the Legends
Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to acquaint you with a concept I came up with called "Salvation Shorts". Obviously, from the title you can gather that this will be related to my ongoing Fan Fiction series, and allow me to elaborate. Episodes I - IV will consist of a very focal, very specific plot. Meaning there will not be too much deviation from the storyline and/or mission/objective for say side missons, or crew interactions, as is one of the staples in the Mass Effect Series. This is something I tried to do with Salvation 1, such as the scene with the crew playing Skillian-5 in the Mess Hall, or the side romance between Jack and Thane, or the mission to save the trapped researchers at the Exo-Geni facility etc. This is also something I plan to do plenty of in Salvation II. But in the meantime, I'm working on my Episodic Installments. The episodes, as you saw from The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria will not leave much room for things like sid

Salvation Shorts #1: Fugue for the Lost
Salvation Shorts #1: Fugue for the Lost by EspionageDB7

Chapter one of Salvation: Episode II - Lair of the Shadow Broker coming soon
Lair of the Shadow Broker Movie Poster by EspionageDB7

So as you can see my dear loyal friends, fans, and followers... After 7 years of planning, and writing, I've only just begun. I've only just scratched the surface of what I intend to be an epic saga. My plans are for the these stories to come to a head and culminate with the epic conclusion: 

Salvation II: Project Prometheus
Salvation II: Project Prometheus teaser poster by EspionageDB7

The full length sequel to the original Salvation. This final chapter in my saga will rival the Mass Effect trilogy itself in scope, and magnitude. And I don't want any of you to miss it. So again... From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all. Each and every single one of you. And all my subscribers at as well! You guys know who you are. 

It has been my delight... My honor... My pleasure... and my pride and joy to create this. Even though this is nothing but a fan fiction, I feel I discovered something of a talent with Salvation. It is my dream to become an atleast semi-successful novelist one day. And one day, many years from now, when I'm old and gray (hopefully negotiating many movie deals for my books lol) I will remember Salvation as the story that started it all. Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. Happy February 17th! Happy Salvation Day! Good Night!

Salvation wallpaper w-o title by EspionageDB7


Jesse De La Rosa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Jesse De La Rosa - I've been a freelance graphic designer pretty much since I got out of high school. I've never had any formal schooling in my craft, but I've accumulated a fair amount of experience, coupled with a dash of natural talent, to become a fairly versatile graphic artist. My specialty is logotypes - but I also enjoy dabbling in creating wallpapers, movie posters, flyers, business cards, and occasionally websites. I do take commissions for logo work - my pricing depends on the complexity of your request. For more information on commissioning me for a logo I can be contacted at or via note here on DA.

I am also the one... the only... Espionage DB7. Fan-Fiction writer extraordinaire! Okay, well maybe not extraordinaire, as I'm only responsible (as of this point) for one story series. Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Crossover A story that sees the paths of two legends of gaming intertwine, and follows them as they fight for galactic survival. My story is not all that well known, however I have accrued what I like to call a small cult following, or a group of "ELFs" (Extremely loyal fans) as my friend malovence is fond of saying. It is my hope to someday soon branch out into original writing works, and become a full fledged novelist, but for the time being I am extremely proud of Salvation - which is an ongoing series.

I hope you'll hang around my DeviantArt page a while and take a look at some of Jesse's graphic art, as well as read a bit of Espionage's writings. All are welcome, as is any feedback, good or bad :D Take care and hope to talk to you soon :)

Salvation Table of Contents: [Link]
Episode I Table of Contents: [Link]

:bulletblack: Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction [Completed]
:bulletorange: Salvation - Episode I: The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria [Completed]
:bulletpurple: Salvation - Episode II: Lair of the Shadow Broker [In Progress]
:bulletblue: Salvation - Episode III: Voices of a Distant Star [Still to Come]
:bulletwhite: Salvation - Episode IV: Into the Aperture [Still to Come]
:bulletgreen: Salvation II: Project Prometheus [Still to Come]

Current Residence: San Antonio, TX
Favourite genre of music: Varies
Operating System: None of your business
Shell of choice: shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Mostly made by me
Skin of choice: my own is fine.
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime baby
Personal Quote: Challenge the Invincible, Change the Inevitable


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